South Korean Authority to Roll Out Blockchain-based Voting Solution to The Housing Sector

The blockchain trend across South Korea has reportedly set foot in the housing industry, with a $1.27 million fund dedicated by the authorities to...

Emily Rys | Sep 18, 2020

The Bahamas to Roll Out A Digital Central Bank ‘Sand Dollar’ In October

The Central Bank of The Bahamas is reportedly working towards rolling out a national cryptocurrency,...

Mary T. | Sep 17, 2020

Gaming Firm From Germany Rolled Out RPG Run On The Litecoin Blockchain

Litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee and CipSoft CEO Stephan Vogler have reportedly disclosed the...

Robin Wong | Sep 17, 2020

Blockchain Platform Assisted Song Rights Transfer Under Presence Of Major Labels

Pop singing star Oleg Kenzov from Russia has reportedly finalized the first digital rights transfer...

Warren Hayes | Sep 17, 2020

Private Jet Selling Firm Accepted Crypto As Means of Payment

Private aircraft sales firm Aviatrade from the US has reportedly added Bitcoin to the list of...

Katelyn James | Sep 16, 2020

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Proposal Submitted to Iran Government for Utilizing Crypto Mines to Fund Car Imports

A proposal for adding crypto, nominally bitcoin, to the list of accepted payment methods for car imports on Kish Island has reportedly been submitted...
Emily Rys | Sep 16, 2020



MetaMask Made Mobile-based Wallet Available Across iOS and Android

Famous Ethereum (ETH) browser wallet MetaMask has reportedly rolled out a mobile application available across both iOS and Android platforms. ...
Warren Hayes | Sep 8, 2020



Singapore Blockchain Week Virtual Summit

Singapore is known for its diverse, vibrant and highly innovative blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain technology is now playing a pivotal role in...
Emily Rys | Jun 30, 2020