New Coinbase-developed Asset Hub to Assist Issuers in Crypto Listing

Top-tier crypto exchange platform Coinbase has reportedly disclosed details, regarding a new platform dedicated to assisting the listing process of...

Emily Rys | Jan 20, 2021

Arca Obtained $10M Via Series A Funding to Bootstrap Next Stage of Its Business Plan

Arca - an up-and-running crypto asset managing entity - has reportedly been successful in obtaining...

Chris Torres | Jan 19, 2021

Arxnovum Completed Filing for New Bitcoin ETF With Canadian Securities Regulators

Canada-based investment fund managing entity Arxnovum Investments has reportedly finalized...

Katelyn James | Jan 19, 2021

Anchorage Successfully Secured Bank Charter to Function As Trust Institution

Crypto custody services provider Anchorage has reportedly been successful in securing a bank charter...

The Crypto Sight | Jan 19, 2021

Bitcoin Is Making Rapid Steps Towards Reaching Maturity, Says Goldman Sachs

Bitcoin is reportedly finally beginning to hit its maturity point as an asset class, as stated by...

Warren Hayes | Jan 18, 2021



IMVU's New Blockchain-supported Stablecoin Made Available

IMVU's new fiat-convertible VCOIN - which has reportedly been accumulating attention for its own way of pulling the US lawmakers’ strings - is now...
Robin Wong | Jan 18, 2021



Singapore Blockchain Week Virtual Summit

Singapore is known for its diverse, vibrant and highly innovative blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain technology is now playing a pivotal role in...
Emily Rys | Jun 30, 2020