$240M Worth of Proceeds from PlusToken Scheme Relocated Via 4 Bitcoin Transfers

By Emily Rys | August 19, 2019
Blockchain Startups Accused of Conning Investors $8 Million with Exit Scams

More than $240 million worth of financial damage from the crypto scheme PlusToken have reportedly been relocated via 4 Bitcoin (BTC) transfers. 

Whale Alert – a crypto transaction-focused Twitter user – revealed on August 17th that 4 transactional activities, carry approximately 22,923 BTC, which is probably the proceeds from the Plustoken scheme.

6,000 BTC, 5,000 BTC, 7,000 BTC and 4,923 BTC have been relocated to another address after 4 transactions, which all have been completed on August 17. The monitor claimed that, although the chance of said BTC is related to the scheme is high, nothing is officially confirmed. 

PlusToken is considered one of the biggest crypto exit fraud, which caused nearly $2.9 billion worth of financial damage. Plustoken has made false promise to investors, with an unrealistic return, which falls between 8% and 16% monthly, of their crypto-based 500 deposit.

Ciphertrace – a crypto and blockchain forensic firm – has reportedly disclosed that a number of Chinese citizens, the China police department, PlusToken co-founder – a South Korea-based man with the name “Kim Jung Un” along with a mysterious man that is only referred to as Leo, are all involved in the scheme.

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