$3.75B Food Safety Firm Partner With Blockchain Startup For Enhanced Supply Chain Tracking Tool

By Katelyn James | February 11, 2020
WWF Australia uses Blockchain to Track Food Supply Chain

Neogen Corporation – a global food safety firm with $3.75 billion market cap value – has reportedly enlisted the support from blockchain startup Ripe Technology for an enhanced supply chains tracking solution. 

Specifically, the 2 companies will be collaborating with one another, in an attempt to utilize blockchain for a long-term, immutable tool, dedicated to save and keep track of the entire food consumption and livestock production process. 

“Blockchain technology has a lot to offer both our food safety diagnostic and animal genomic customers, as the technology permanently connects a tremendous amount of potentially critical data, including results from Neogen’s tests, to a food product or animal.” John Adent, head of Neogen, shared his remarks regarding the development. 

Raja Ramachandran – Ripe Tech CEO – believed that what the firm has to offer, in terms of in-depth knowledge about animal diagnostics and DNA – will make the food supply chain more transparent and authentic. He believed this will have a major impact on the food sector, as well as take food safety for consumption to an advanced tier.

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