Bitcoin the Safe Choice in a World Lacking Privacy

Privacy, or the lack of it, is increasingly one of the modern world’s biggest problems. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes firmly believes cryptocurrency will soon replace cash to preserve financial privacy....
Chris Torres | Jan 07, 2019 17:06

Disrupting the B2B Communications Market With Beowulf

The B2B telecommunications market is one of the most salient indicators of the progress in communications and commerce that the Internet has fueled, which is expected to surpass $100 billion globally...
Warren Hayes | Sep 05, 2019 14:20

Millions Thailand Merchants Now Accept Payments in Zcoin

Thailand citizens can now use privacy-focused digital currency Zcoin at local merchants registered with the Thai QR code system through Satang App. Specifically, over 50 million Satang App users can...
Tracy Hannes | Aug 19, 2019 16:19
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