Air France to Run Trial Phase for Blockchain-powered COVID-19 Travel Network

By Robin Wong | March 1, 2021
thecryptosight-Blockchain-based App to Simplify Safe Travelling Amid Global Health Crisis

Air France has reportedly teamed up with MedAire, SGS, International SOS and the International Chamber of Commerce, to run a trial phase for a blockchain-powered coronavirus travel system.

Specifically, starting March 11th, Air France will reportedly initiate the pilot test of the ICC AOKpass system – designed by MedAire and the International SOS. 

The ICC AOKpass reportedly functions as an app for traverlers, downloadable to their smartphones, carrying a secure record of their COVID-19 test results performed by approved labs.

With the app, a hard copy of the test result is reportedly not necessary for travelers to submit anymore, since the ICC AOKpass will reportedly operate as a secure form of verification of the user’s COVID-19 negative status.

The duration of the test will reportedly be four weeks, with the coverage area being the Paris CDG-Pointe-à-Pitre and Paris CDG-Fort-de-France route.

The press statement further disclosed that using the app is a voluntary option for passengers travelling the route. Air France claimed it will reveal specifics from the test with all other collaborators in the initiative, to help with additional health-associated digitization attempts. 

Catherine Villar, director of customer experience at Air France, reportedly shared her remarks, regarding the need for digital innovation across the travel sphere, during the ongoing global pandemic. 

“The test of the AOKpass solution is fully in line with this framework and the process initiated by the establishment of the Air France Protect label. We are convinced that the changes we are going through collectively will change the journey in the long term and are committed to supporting all innovation projects that can help us meet these new challenges.”

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