Alameda Research Finalized $2M Investment Into Crypto Market Maker Efficient Frontier

By Chris Torres | April 1, 2021

Alameda Research has reportedly finalized a $2 million investment in the market maker from Tel-aviv – an entity that claims to complete the processing of roughly $10 billion in volume monthly throughout 50 crypto exchanges.

Specifically, the firm reportedly revealed that the fund will be channeled towards “expanding its balance sheet”, as well as to establish its standing across  the crypto-asset sphere. 

“This funding, coming from such a strong team, is humbling and will help us to further improve our value proposition to our partners.” Efficient Frontier chief executive Roei Levav reportedly remarked. 

Co-founder and Head of Alameda Bankman-Fried reportedly claimed that Efficient Frontier is among the most cutting edge trading firms within the sector. 

“We have been working together since the early days and their team, technology, and outlook on the industry is what made us so excited to join their ride.”

Efficient Frontier reportedly also receives the backing of venture capital entities Collider Ventures and Follow The Seed.

Ever since its release 4 years ago, the market maker has reportedly offered liquidity to dozens of crypto exchanges, including both centralized and decentralized platforms. Levav further revealed that Efficient Frontier’s trade volume climbed up by “hundreds of percent” throughout 2020. 

“Last year has been very important for both the industry and our growth.”

The firm reportedly disclosed to have taken care of providing liquidity for over 1,000 pairings in both spot and derivatives markets and to be coming near $10 billion, regarding month-to-month volume throughout 50 different exchanges.

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