Albany Airport Runs Experiments for Blockchain-powered Coronavirus Cleanliness App

By Katelyn James | November 17, 2020

Albany Airport has reportedly been conducting experiments with the “Wellness Trace App”, for a tracking solution of the cleanliness level of surfaces and objects across the airport. 

Specifically, the solution – designed by General Electric Co. (GE) as a collaborative project with TE-FOOD and Eurofins – reportedly looks to offer an enhanced level for travelling, amid the ongoing health crisis. 

The Microsoft Azure blockchain-based app will reportedly equip travellers with data of how clean the surfaces are before they interact. A scannable QR code – located across the external and internal areas of the airport – will be employed to assist with the data gathering process. 

Travellers will also have the ability to share their personal remarks regarding the cleanliness level of a specific surface. 

 Per Albany Airport, the experiment process will run throughout a 3-month course, since airport staff will utilize the solution for tracking cleaning protocols for major areas and objects inside and around the airport.

“The use of GE’s cutting-edge Wellness Trace App is a major first step in our joint efforts to integrate new digital solutions to create safer travel in a post-pandemic world.” Head of the Albany County Airport Authority, Philip Calderone reportedly remarked. 

Different authorities throughout the globe have reportedly also viewed blockchain as a viable solution to aid the fight against the virus. 

In Singapore, the Government-owned investment company SGInnovate and Singaporean startup Accredify have reportedly teamed up to design a new blockchain-based digital health passport.

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