Alibaba Partnered With Chinese Software Giant to Develop Blockchain Ecosystem

By Warren Hayes | March 23, 2019
Alibaba Partnered With Chinese Software Giant to Develop Blockchain Ecosystem

Alibaba, the Chinese leading e-commerce conglomerate is making efforts on promoting blockchain, cloud computing, and other technology services by collaborating with Aerospace Information Co., a software developer, and provider.

According to the local news outlet Securities Daily, two parties have officially signed a strategic agreement in Hangzhou, expecting an “extensive and in-depth cooperation”. The goal is to leverage their respective technology advantages in cloud computing services, finance, and taxation, government affairs, and blockchain technology.

Together with Alibaba, Aerospace Information will conduct extensive research programs to promote the integration of new technologies and industry information. “In the field of blockchain, we will jointly provide cloud solutions to promote the development of the blockchain industry.” – according to the press release.

This strategic cooperation is expected to benefit the business development of 2 firms in the long run. Targeting both government and enterprise customers, the collaboration is said to “help the company to better serve the segmentation of the industry market, and create greater social value.”

Earlier this month, Liu Song, vice president of the Chinese e-commerce Alibaba, Liu Song has made a public remark for the implementation of blockchain technology in its international supply chain, reported by The Crypto Sight on March 10.

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