Ampleforth Released Liquidity Program to Target Uniswap 2.0

By Warren Hayes | June 24, 2020
Ampleforth Released Liquidity Program to Target Uniswap 2.0

Digital asset protocol Ampleforth has reportedly disclosed details regarding the release of a new “Liquidity Incentive Program’ on June 23rd. 

Specifically, the program – dubbed “Geyser: – was reportedly designed for targeting Uniswap 2.0, along with making the staking feature of Ample liquidity tokens (AMPL) available to users, for earning staking rewards. 

Particularly, users will reportedly be able to generate Ample tokens, based on the sum of liquidity provided, as well as the eligible period of users’ tokens. 

The firm reportedly shared that the process will be on-chain and non-custodial. 

Brandon Iles – Ampleforth co-founder – reportedly shared that the Uniswap platform has undergone a proving period across an adversarial landscape, possess a “well-developed” developer ecosystem, as well as solutions such as pools.fyi and uniswap.info, for displaying detailed mechanics to end-users and liquidity providers.

“It’s both an exciting and worrying time for DeFi. We’re starting to see emergent behavior from interactions between DeFi building blocks that were not planned for when this space was first beginning, like flash loans, and a dizzying variety of ways to ‘farm yield.’ (…) Our team worries that DeFi may become too dependent on the faith in debt markets.” Iles reportedly shared his remarks on the existing state of the DeFi ecosystem.

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