Anchorage Rolled Out Facilitation for DeFi Token KEEP

By Emily Rys | June 26, 2020

Crypto custody provider Anchorage reportedly rolled out facilitation for  for Keep Network’s token KEEP, in an attempt to achieve the status of a leading custodian for DeFi tokens.

Specifically, The KEEP token is the operating force behind tBTC, a trustless and open-source protocol, enabling the issuance of Ethereum tokens, which are the representatives of Bitcoin (BTC), used for gaining access to DeFi protocols.

The protocol reportedly also supports the autonomous containerization of users’ private data, upon interacting with public chains, strengthening the privacy available to DeFi users.

Diogo Monica – co-founder and head of Anchorage – reportedly highlighted how important it is for custodians to keep their adaptiveness to emerging trends throughout the crypto sphere, claiming that “DeFi’s increasing complexity is beginning to expose the inadequacies of cold storage custody and manual human operation”.

“The Anchorage platform was created to adapt to any blockchain use case without exposing client assets to this kind of additional risk”. He further remarked. 

In April this year, Anchorage reportedly disclosed its incentive to assist  the Compound Governance Token (COMP) upon its release.

“With such first-class partners as Anchorage, we are able to create the bridge that brings the vast store of Bitcoin wealth into the DeFi ecosystem.” Keep’s chief executive, Matt Luongo, reportedly shared his perspective regarding the collaboration with the custodian.

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