AP News Utilized Ether and EOS Blockchain For Publishing US Presidential Election Result

By Tracy Hannes | November 7, 2020

The Ethereum and EOS blockchains have reportedly been chosen as the platforms to disclose the incoming results from the Nov. 3 US presidential election, by the Associated Press news agency.

Specifically, as disclosed via the developer webpage, with particular information on the way to tap into its AP Elections API, Everipedia’s OraQle software is at the moment in charge of writing the results to the blockchain, in an immutable manner. 

Despite the results being naturally published concurrently onto the AP web page, the utilization of the blockchain-powered Everipedia can reportedly provide safekeeping for the calls’ data in every state when they occur, which will be permanent and cannot be exploited. 

AP has reportedly rolled out the Ethereum smart contract address, enabling readers to utilize block explorers, nominally Etherscan, to get a hold of results when they surface. 

However, a version of the results, which is easier to access, and takes care of collecting and combining results from all called states up to now, is available via AP’s EOS account on Bloks.io.

The 2020 US presidential election is reportedly gathering an increasing amount of controversy, where both candidates are putting in extensive efforts to win the votes in primary battleground states. The crypto sector is also waiting in anticipation for the final result of who will lead the United States, as well as the following impact it brings along to the markets.

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