Apple Smartwatch Users Now Can Experience Bitcoin Lightning Payment

By Mary T. | May 7, 2019
Apple Smartwatch Users Now Can Experience Bitcoin Lightning Payment

On May 5th, Bluewallet – a well-known lightning network wallet for iOS and Android platform – has reportedly introduced a new application that allows lightnight payment for Bitcoin on Apple watches.

Specifically, the newly designed app will enable Apple smartwatch users to experience a brand new method of receiving the digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) – the lighting payment technology – which is now in its testing phase. The receiver can use their Apple watch to issue a new QR code, which can then be scanned by the sender with a smartphone to execute their Bitcoin transferring activities.

Although a sneak peeks of the new feature was revealed via Bluewallet’ official Twitter last week, the official version is only available for download on iTunes starting May 5th.

“It’s a small experiment we’re doing to put wallets on the watch. The first releases will be simple, allowing you to receive lightning payments.” Bluewallet Product and UX engineer Nuno Coelho further expressed.

Coelho has, nonetheless, stressed that this new app is for experimenting purpose only. Apple smartwatches are not as widely used compared to smartphones, but a significant number of users still enjoyed its health checking feature, as well as effortlessly check phone notification without pulling the phone out of their pockets. Also, lightnight technology is still being gradually developed, and Bluewallet is not certain of the exact number of customers that would actually use the app.

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