Art Installation Fusing Physical And Digital Realities With Blockchain to be Unveiled

By Shannon Wilson | August 10, 2021

Canada-based public art exhibition organization Vancouver Biennale is reportedly looking to roll out an art installation, which fuses physical and digital realities via the utilization of blockchain. 

Specifically, situated on the south side of the Cambie Street Bridge in Vancouver, the freshly released Voxel Bridge installation reportedly operates as a blockchain-powered augmented reality (AR) experience, which is available for viewing via iOS or Android devices. 

The installation is reportedly getting prepared to roll out publicly on August 10th and will be available through to spring 2023.

The art object is a 1,800 square meter installation – a work created by artist Jessica Angel from New York, which dives deep into the way public spaces can be constructed and utilized in both digital and physical realities. 

Taking the form of a huge two-dimensional vinyl mural in real life, the piece is available in augmented reality via the app as well, based on a blockchain infrastructure. 

“Art is a mobilizing force with the power to bridge seemingly dissimilar worlds, and Voxel Bridge exhibits this capacity. This installation transcends the enjoyment of art into a unifying and experimenting effort that enables blockchain technology, AR and public art to examine new ways of interaction”. Angel reportedly remarked. 

The installation reportedly operates as a digital and visual representation of the Kusama network – a decentralized blockchain infrastructure designed with the goal of functioning as a “canary” chain to the high-profile blockchain system Polkadot. 

Viewing, touching, and hearing of the Kusama Network is possible for the audience, with the help of twenty different interactive animations, each individually is showcased as a unique nonfungible token (NFT) existing on the blockchain.

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