Artsy Unveils its First Blockchain-based Art Listing

By Anne W. | February 20, 2019
Artsy Unveils its First Blockchain-based Art Listing

Blockchain technology has increasingly been applied to various fields such as finance, healthcare, shipping, and insurance. Now, blockchain-based art is making more of an appearance, this time being listed on major online art platform Artsy.

Snark.art – an art production platform that utilizes blockchain as a creative medium – has successfully teamed up with Artsy to curate its first online blockchain art gallery. Snark.art is hoping for wider exposure for people unused to blockchain-based art, and believes that partnering Artsy will do the trick.

Artsy is backed by investors like Google billionaire Eric Schmidt. It has over 3,000 gallery partners across 95 countries.

“For an audience that is interested in collecting art, we can be that gateway for them to explore blockchain technology as a medium,” said Misha Libman – one of Snark.art’s co-founders on the potential exposure the collaboration with Artsy can bring.

The collaboration currently features a blockchain-based video project called “89 Seconds Atomized” by artist Eve Sussman, who has been featured by major art institutions before like The National Gallery in London.

Snark.art is already working on its next plan to feature New York artist Tommy Hartung, who also frequently uses video as a medium.

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