Asia Pacific Conservative Union: Blockchain-based ‘Liberty Ecosystem’ Fights Authoritarianism

By Warren Hayes | March 5, 2019
Asia Pacific Conservative Union: Blockchain-based ‘Liberty Ecosystem’ Fights Authoritarianism

The Asia Pacific Conservative Union’s (APCU) top two executives have unveiled a new blockchain-powered network, called the Liberty Ecosystem, targeted to fight what it sees as the rise of authoritarianism in the world.

Liberty Ecosystem is founded by APCU’s chairman Jikido “Jay” Aeba and its CEO Yasu Kikuta. According to APCU’s press release shared with Cointelegraph, the network reportedly aims to build a “decentralized federation of local advocacy and economic development organizations seeking to combat the rise of authoritarianism in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world”.

“Liberty Tokens” will be used on the network to create both a shared community and a financial infrastructure as a means to bolster local organizations to counter authoritarianism. Liberty Ecosystem has partnered with token economy ecosystem Wowoo to offer the tokens.

Founded only recently in January last year, ACPU is an organization with a far-right agenda. On its website, it says it believes “the time has come to choose and decide whether freedom and democracy centered in Japan, US, and India will lead the world, or whether totalitarian countries such as North Korea and China, where no freedom of speech will be allowed, control the world by terror”.

ACPU was set up, and headquartered in Taiwan no less, “in order to protect the ‘Peace and Prosperity’ of Asia”, it claims. Its chairman Jikido “Jay” Aeba is potentially a controversial figure himself.

He is concurrently the chairman of the Japanese Conservative Union (JCU), which he claims as the Japanese counterpart to the American Conservative Union that focuses on advocating conservative policies. At the same time, Aeba claims to be an advisor to the National Committee of the Japanese Communist Party – one of the largest non-governing Communist parties in the world.

Aeba has been previously linked to a religious organization in Japan known as Happy Science, which is publicly seen as a cult in the country. Happy Science worship a deity called El Cantare that it believes to be the “Highest God of Earth”, while supposedly also believing in reincarnation, and aliens. Its political wing, the Happiness Realization Party, upholds political views like supporting Japan’s military expansion, use of nuclear deterrence, and denial of historical events like China’s Nanjing Massacre.

Aeba reportedly resigned from the board of Happy Science in 2015 to start JCU. He is also known to be a fervent supporter of President Donald Trump, even before Trump came to office.


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