Audio streaming Heavyweight Spotify Hire New Blood to Expand Into Crypto Payment

By Robin Wong | December 10, 2020

Spotify – a world heavyweight in offering audio streaming services – is reportedly trying to find a new personnel, with prior knowledge in crypto, to take up a role at the firm. 

Specifically, Spotify is reportedly on the hunt for a seasoned associate director, to become a member of its payments strategy and innovation department.

The new position is reportedly expected to primarily take care of the implementation and definition of Spotify’s payments strategy, together with widen the involvement scope of the firm with Facebook’s recently rebranded crypto project, Diem.

The hiring personnel will reportedly be also required to concentrate on wider crypto assets and the crypto industry, covering CBDC. 

“You will drive further consideration of new opportunities and innovation in the emerging ecosystem of distributed ledger technology, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, CBDCs and other digital assets.”

Per the posting, the person onboarded for the new position will reportedly be working in the London and Stockholm office of Spotify, with back-and-forth travelling between the two venues, as well as different locations of the firm, are reportedly mandatory. 

Spotify has yet to reveal additional details of the hiring. 

Spotify is reportedly among the first members to join the Libra Foundation – which was established in Geneva in October last year. Not like PayPal and MasterCard, Spotify are in the group of companies still sticking with Libra, despite the amped up scrutiny level from international regulators.

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