Aussie Police Mistake House with Crypto Mining Equipment for Marijuana Farm

By Emily Rys | February 14, 2019

A man living in Adelaide has been left fuming against the local police after his house was allegedly damaged in a supposed drug raid only for police to find crypto-mining equipment instead.

Australian media reported that Rob Butvila had returned home to find his house unlocked, with gates, doors, and fence panels supposedly broken and removed. Butvila claims that after the raid he also found a hard drive missing, and a security camera cable had been cut.

Butvila’s reaction video on his discovery has gone viral on Facebook and Youtube, where it has been watched and shared thousands of times.

“SAPOL (South Australia Police) used brutal and destructive force, kicking in doors… to find cryptocurrency mining computers where they expected to find a marijuana grow room… They hung up when questioned about who pays the damages… No apology, not even so much as a phone call,” said Butvila.

Police had reportedly become suspicious of Butvila’s house when they saw solar panels, security camera, and a ventilation fan in a window – common equipment used in a crypto mining setup. Butvila also said his house was currently undergoing renovation.

A SAPOL spokesperson confirmed that no offences had been detected in the search of Butvila’s property, and information had been left for him to contact the police.

“For operational reasons, police do not give prior notice of the intention to execute search warrants. Police always try to minimise any damage caused during operations.” the spokesperson added.

Butvila said he will be submitting quotes to the police for damages, and is also considering taking legal action.

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