Ava Labs & EV Maker Togg Teamed Up to Design Smart Contract-based Mobility Services

By Robin Wong | January 8, 2022

Turkey’s electronic vehicle (EV) manufacturer Togg has reportedly disclosed details related to a strategic alliance, formed with Ava Labs to build and create smart contract-based services for enhancing autonomous mobility. 

Specifically, Togg reportedly revealed its finalized alliance with Ava Labs – a team functioning with a primary goal of assisting and building the Avalanche public blockchain – during the CES 2022 event in Las Vegas.

The collaboration reportedly works towards a common target of accelerating Togg’s Use-Case Mobility initiative, which combines a wide array of techs as well as transportation solutions together, in a bid to manufacture cars with extra supporting features, in comparison with the standard EVs.

Per the official announcement, Togg has reportedly been investing resources in deep-diving into use cases of blockchain and associated techs in EVs, for over 12 months. 

Via the freshly forged alliance, Togg reportedly has a goal of infusing Internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication to widen the scope of and fast-track its EV capabilities.

Togg is reportedly looking to complete the implementation of smart contracts and blockchain tech enabling users to pick up a reserved scooter or taxi while charging their EVs, making seamless mobility possible.

“Our collaboration with Ava Labs is built on taking the experience of Togg users to the next level, going beyond automobiles to empower partners, users and non-Togg users across the mobility ecosystem to benefit from this platform.” Gürcan Karakaş – Head of Togg – reportedly remarked. 

Furthermore, Ava Labs’ collaboration with Togg will reportedly make it possible for the entity to safely keep vehicle maintenance and parts data on the Avalanche blockchain, which will be foundational to a reliable second-hand market.

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