Axie Infinity Scholarships to be Granted For Venezuelans Joining Crypto Training Programs

By Shannon Wilson | November 22, 2021

A gubernatorial candidate from Venezuela has reportedly pledged to grant scholarships for citizens showing interest in taking part in the Technical Training Center for Mining and Administration of Digital Crypto Assets. 

Specifically, José Alejandro Terán – the governor who is the representative of the nation’s ruling party – reportedly began the project as included within the scope of the La Guaira Digital initiative – having a primary target of accelerating the development of growth and inducing economic stability nationwide.

Terán’s training facility will reportedly offer customized training to the scholarship holders in nonfungible tokens (NFT), crypto mining, and trading. 

Additionally, the drive will receive backing from four institutions, including the National Superintendence of Crypto Assets (SUNACRIP), Axie Infinity Academy, the political group Independientes con Terán and the youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPsuv).

Apart from the scholarship projects for acquiring knowledge in crypto, the candidate for governor also shared his vision for the generation of “a thousand jobs” via the following proposal. 

“I feel that by helping young people build multiple sources we ensure economic stability for their families. 1000 jobs in a year, write it down!”

Terán made an additional pledge where the training – powered by Axie Infinity academy – will reportedly come with the installation and repair of networks and mining equipment and crypto trading.

Per insights generated by Chainalysis, Venezuela is currently standing at the seventh spot in the list of nations in the Global Crypto Adoption Index.

The Head of crypto investment platform Uphold, JP Thieriot, has reportedly shared recent remarks associated with the growing Bitcoin-based use cases for the Latin American market, where El Salvador’s mainstream Bitcoin (BTC) adoption is believed to have triggered a domino effect in expediting crypto adoption for the neighboring areas, nominally Venezuela and Colombia.

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