Bangladesh Financially Support Blockchain Training for Graduates with IT Fund

By Tracy Hannes | August 5, 2019

The Bangladesh authority is planning to utilizing the $208 million, acquired via an IT project fund, to pay for Japan and India-based blockchain training for university students.

Specifically, the officials of the country is looking to choose 100 graduates from IT schools across the nation for further studies in blockchain, in an attempt to produce human resources with extensive knowledge in fields of distributed ledger technology (DLT), artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity.

As part of the project, 200 more graduates, majored in computer science and software, electrical and electronic engineering, will be going abroad to pick up future trends of the IT field.

The project is applicable, via the official webpage of the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority. As revealed by the Daily Star, any applicants smaller than 32 years of age are required to sit an exam with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division.

The program will be financially supported by a governmental fund, established jointly with an India-based line of credit, to form 12 district ICT and hi-tech parks. Taking up 17.96 billion Bangladeshi taka ($208 million) to build, the project was reportedly implemented in July 2 years ago, and will end by June 2020.

Education and developing programs in distributed ledger technology have gradually been considered a priority by establishments for higher studies across the globe. In June, University of British Columbia introduced a Master’s and PhD degree for blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

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