Bank of Ireland Execs Refused to Provide Testimony in OneCoin Scam Hearings

By Katelyn James | October 13, 2019

Bank of Ireland (BOI) members have reportedly denied attending the testimony with the US government, concerning criminal allegations of a 400-million-dollar crypto Ponzi scheme OnceCoin

Reported by FinanceFeed on October 11, the U.S. Government submitted a Letter to the Court the day prior, in an an atttempt to provide evidence of the department’s effort to acquire witness testimony in Ireland voluntarily. 

Nonetheless, the witness had a second thought and present a different attitude regarding the idea of testifying, and would back out from doing so, unless compelled by process under the U.S.-Ireland Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT).

The Court requested the four witnesses at BOI’s presence, in a trial case against the accused in custody. These witnesses include Mark Scott – in charge of BOI’s Anti-Money Laundering team – Diane Sands, BOI foreign direct investment member – Deirdre Ceannt, ex-VP of the firm, along with relationship director Derek Collins, and Greg Begley.

Because the Central Authority of Ireland is a party involved in the case, the Government filed an MLAT request to the authority, in an attempt to get the witnesses to provide testimony via closed-circuit television.

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