Bavarian Authority Introduces Training Certificates Powered by Blockchain

By Warren Hayes | November 24, 2019

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Munich and Upper Bavaria, Germany, is reportedly planning to introduce a new project in 2020 – training certificates powered by blockchain

The project – jointly developed by the Digital Ministry – looks to provide authenticity verifying power to employers, via an electronic key, for any individual holding the certificate they want to hire, as announced by the Minister of State for Digital Affairs on November 20. 

A web application will also be rolled out by The Digital Ministry, to support establishments in checking the legitimacy of the certs, via the employment of blockchain-powered hash values. 

During the application process, hirees can send a PDF file with the compatible key to the hirers, then, a file upload of the key will be available on the web-based app, allowing for instant legitimacy checking. 

“This offers a huge advantage for both applicants and companies. The authenticity of certificates can be checked in just a few clicks. This is a kind of digital quality seal — Blockchain, Made in Bavaria.” Digital Minister of the Free State Bavaria Judith Gerlach remarked regarding the news. 

Per Gerlach, should blockchain tech can live up to its reputation, regarding its reliability, the Free State of Bavaria can authorize further implementations, especially for school and university certificates.

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