Be Aware: Fake Website Mimicking Bakkt Platform

By Mary T. | February 14, 2019
Be Aware: Fake Website Representing Bakkt Platform

A new Bitcoin scam website claiming to represent digital assets platform Bakkt, has found registered with domain “bakkplatform.io”.

As reported by The Crypto Sight earlier this month, the digital asset platform Bakkt introduced by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is set to launch later this year. Taking advantage of this event, the culprits built a mimicking website and start calling for Bitcoin investments.

The fake Bakkt website claimed that the platform would be launched on March 12, calling for “investments” in Bitcoin and offering global investors an opportunity to take part in its upcoming funding round.

It mentioned that the platform had gained $182.5 million in investment at the end of 2018, also informing another funding round for “interested investors who believe in the future of the cryptocurrency market”.

The fake funding round provided a BTC wallet address for “Investment” which reportedly accounted for zero transactions as of press time.

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