Beowulf Blockchain Meetup in San Jose: Bringing Blockchain Technology to Transform B2B Communication Services

By Emily Rys | October 14, 2019

On October 14, Beowulf blockchain hosted a meetup at WeWork in San Jose in the U.S. focuses on the disruptive blockchain technology transforming B2B communication services.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, high-level cryptocurrency influencers and blockchain innovators gathered in one of the world’s fastest-growing incubators to network and discussed the current landscape of B2B communications and how blockchain can transform communication infrastructure. The highlight of the event was a sharing of Beowulf blockchain Business Development Director, Hong Nguyen-Phuong. He shared in-depth insights into major barriers that currently hinder enterprises from B2B telecommunication.

One of the chief obstacles smaller businesses face when engaging with third-party telecommunications providers is high costs and lack of customizability, which is essential for flexible online businesses today. Platforms like Slack and Discord provide viable options for businesses, but like the entire sector, are mired in some trade-offs that are often non-starters for enterprises. 

In a digital era where privacy and security are hard to come by, transaction and communication overhead preclude SMEs, and latency issues expose themselves among outdated routing protocols, the B2B communications sector is ripe for disruption. Beowulf provides a unique glimpse into the advantages of a more secure and cost-effective B2B telecommunications sector. 

According to Hong Nguyen-Phuong, Beowulf is built by combining globally computing resources into a supercomputer network on the blockchain for communications services. It allows anyone anywhere in the world to monetize their spare computing capacity by becoming Beowulf miners. In turn, this enables Beowulf to leverage the nearest available computing power to deliver business clients better quality of service at much lower prices. 

That service will make available a comprehensive suite of tools that provide access to high-quality communication capabilities, including voice, video and messaging. Using blockchain technology, Beowulf is designed to provide secure, low-cost, customizable communications for a wide audience.

Distributed ledger technology operates by being distributed across multiple nodes which validate and confirm transactions on the network for authenticity. It’s the same technology that underlies well-known cryptocurrency tokens such as bitcoin and Ethereum. It uses cryptography to protect information stored on the chain and only key holders can access that data.

“Any company for whom service interruptions and communication efficiencies pose a problem would relish the superior connectivity and low latency our distributed solution offers,” said Phuong. “Whether you are building your communications systems from the ground up, or upgrading your current system, it makes sense to consider the possible cost savings granted by Beowulf’s transparent pay-per-use rates.”

One use of the Beowulf technology set includes QUICKOM, a product that aims to replace phone numbers with scannable quick response codes. With QUICKOM, users have the ability to control their own inbound calling, which can lead to a safer and more comfortable use of personal communications.

Business Development Director of Beowulf Blockchain, Hong Nguyen-Phuong introducing the audience about the company’s main product-QUICKOM

The company also produces a decentralized distance learning platform known as Victoria, which empowers schools and educational institutions with two-way interactive communication for teaching sessions via collaborative video and HAHA, a telemedicine platform designed to allow doctors to provide affordable healthcare anywhere and anytime using real-time video conferencing.

Beowulf aims to offer its platform to industries that need highly reliable and trackable communications, such as healthcare, education, finance, transportation and customer service. Some of their customers and partners include Bach Mai – Vietnam’s largest state-owned hospital, MD24 House Call – world-renowned healthcare provider, and some prestigious institutions around the globe such as Vietnam National University, and National Taiwan Normal University.

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