Beowulf Blockchain Meetup: The Emerging Decentralized Cloud Network for Communication Services

By Anne W. | September 4, 2019

On September 3, Beowulf Blockchain facilitated an event at WeWork Singapore focused on the emerging decentralized cloud network for communication services built on the blockchain. Partaking in the meeting as a keynote speaker, Beowulf Blockchain Founder and CEO, Dr. William H. Nguyen shared his expertise on a number of key issues and provided an in-depth introduction to the current landscape of B2B communications, as well as some milestones and future plans for embracing blockchain in the fields of telemedicine and distance education.

Boosting Communications Business

Communications technology is the undercurrent that has driven the acceleration of information in the digital age. However, some of the adverse collateral effects in communications technology have exposed themselves in recent years, most notably is the recent backlash from legitimate brands such as Facebook being under scrutiny for improper use of phone number. Couple these transgressions against privacy with the historically high costs for businesses to tap third-party chat services or telecommunications infrastructure, and the advent of more secure, low-cost B2B communications becomes a clear necessity.

Beowulf Founder and CEO Dr. William H. Nguyen welcoming the audience and sharing his knowledge.

Beowulf Blockchain provides a promising glimpse of such a future for global enterprises of any size. According to Dr. William H. Nguyen, Beowulf is built by combining globally computing resources into a supercomputer network on the blockchain for communications services. It allows anyone anywhere in the world to monetize their spare computing capacity by becoming Beowulf miners. In turn, this enables Beowulf to leverage the nearest available computing power to deliver business clients better quality of service at much lower prices. 

Beowulf is also known for its publicly-run decentralized blockchain, the eponymous Beowulf Blockchain which utilizes Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus and an intrinsic payment system. The Beowulf SDK, meanwhile, handles all communication functions from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with businesses paying only for the minutes they use. For startups and enterprises, this means that Beowulf can significantly reduce commercial inefficiencies, operational challenges, and financial hurdles in the communication marketplace. Among its many services, Beowulf also offers QUICKOM system, an inbound communication service for anonymous communications and call centers that utilize QR code technology to operate.

Harnessing Worldwide Resources for Greater Good

Beowulf is expanding on a growing industry targeting the convergence of blockchains and technologies that underscore healthcare and education.

“We believe that a combination of reduced costs, cutting edge technologies, and swift delivery will spur rapid adoption of the Beowulf network,” said Dr. William. H Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Beowulf Blockchain.

Dr. William is an inventor, educator, blockchain developer, serial entrepreneur, and former Alfred P. Sloan Fellow at Harvard University. With many successful ventures under his belt, he is also the inventor of the comprehensive crypto platform Kryptono, and a founding member of GIFTO Protocol – the largest and fastest ICO ever sold in Asia.

“This cycle of innovation will drive the next wave of technological advances that will provide a unique glimpse into the advantages of more accessible and affordable healthcare and education, and in the process, empowering humankind to live smarter, and healthier,” he continued.

The venue was bustling with people busy mingling during post-event networking time.

With this as their mission statement, Beowulf’s various business partnerships are an apt demonstration of the platform’s growing popularity. The company has helped a suite of businesses seek customizable, deployment-ready technology platform to build their own telemedicine and distance teaching system via real-time video conferencing. Some of their customers and partners include Bach Mai – Vietnam’s largest state-owned hospital, MD24 House Call – world-renowned healthcare provider, and also Vietnam’s most prestigious university – Vietnam National University.

The Beowulf team is gearing up for its Mainnet tentatively scheduled for October, 2019.


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