Beowulf Blockchain to Transform the Teaching and Training in the Field of Medicine

By Chris Torres | October 17, 2019

The 1st International Health Informatics Conference (HEALTHINFO I) was organized at the University of Technology of Ho Chi Minh City with the theme “Gearing towards the Future Solutions for Smart Hospitals in Vietnam”. In the event, the innovative Victoria platform for distance learning by Beowulf Blockchain was a topic of discussion, which anticipates to set new industry standards for the teaching and training of the healthcare workforce.

Held on October 16, HEALTHINFO I gathered experts across a wide range of fields, nominally medical and healthcare, IT and economics, to discuss, provide insights and guide the development of smart hospitals and telemedicine in Vietnam to take proper steps toward development in the 4.0 revolution.

Attending the conference were  experts across numerous fields, nominally medical and healthcare, IT and economics

Advancing the Potential Scope for Medical Teaching and in Vietnam

HEALTHINFO I estimated Vietnam’s potentials, opportunities and threats for the future solutions in the field of healthcare, and particularly for smart hospitals in the near future. In this process, it is important to adequately accommodate the education and training of the healthcare workforce in a way which does not sacrifice personalization or that valuable one-to-one time most medical students crave.

When surveying the current solutions, it is prudent to take into account 3 primary areas that most hospitals focus on: cost, performance, and convenience. Beowulf Blockchain has been pioneering in addressing these matters to further strengthen the quality and scope of healthcare and is already improving remote learning for millions of students worldwide.

Victoria by Beowulf is a B2B distance education platform that empowers hospitals to conduct distance learning/teaching sessions in no time, and at without any setup costs or entry barriers, with a paying per minute-of-usage. To instinctively pushes the boundaries of learning and knowledge sharing, Victoria allows students to effectively absorb information and participate in problem-solving activities with better levels of collaboration and communication, with innovative features like high-quality video conferencing in real-time, chatting/typing, hand-writing, co-browsing of the web/documents, and annotation on data. 

Professor Nguyen Tuan Kiet discussing Victoria and its potential to bring seismic changes to transform the current system for medical training

Vice-Head Department of Academic and Student Affairs, School of Medicine of Vietnam National University, Professor Nguyen Tuan Kiet discussed the possibility of distance learning becoming the primary trend for future medical training, and expressed strong belief that Victoria could link the pieces together and solve the problems in producing the next batch of highly qualified doctors, as well as in developing the telemedicine field in Vietnam. 

“By leveraging the advanced technology which Victoria offers in simplifying and upgrading the process, instant and high-quality healthcare can be accessible and affordable for anyone, anywhere” Prof. Nguyen Tuan Kiet further remarked. 

This platform emulates the face-to-face instruction environment consistent of two-way interactive tools that allows screen sharing where participants can zoom into a photo material and make annotations, free-form drawing, and highlight at ease. This makes the application a perfect fit for the teaching and learning of science subjects, specifically in the field of medicine, which requires utmost accuracy and attention to detail.

Another significant advantage of this AI-supported distance learning platform is that medical students and professors can engage in learning and teaching even when they are on the go, as all that’s needed is an internet connection. 

“Ultimately, it’s about taking the ‘distance’ out of ‘distance education’, and in the process helping educators get their message across. Beowulf’s blockchain-based solution connects teachers and students, enabling access to learning as and when required. In our view, this is the future for teaching and training of the healthcare workforce, and with the launch of Victoria, we aim to prove that.”

With this as their mission statement, Victoria’s various strategic partnerships are an apt demonstration of the platform’s growing popularity. The company has helped a suite of education providers seek customizable, deployment-ready technology platforms to build their own distance teaching system via real-time video conferencing. Victoria has already been utilized by highly accredited institutions around the world, chief among them are the National Taiwan Normal University, and the Vietnam National University, the country’s leading higher education facility, with its School of Medicine using the platform to offer distant learning to medical students.

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