Biggest Solar-powered Mining Farm in the US Set up in California

By Warren Hayes | June 27, 2019
Biggest Solar-powered Mining Farm in the US Set up in California

The Western Mojave region possesses a high annual level of sunlight, with an average figure stands at 70%, which makes it the most suitable area. Plouton Mining is also reportedly in talks with local services company, in an attempt to get a deal for operating power at a reduced price for the remaining time.

“The preeminent combination of nature and technology will usher in the next stage of bitcoin mining evolution, fulfilling the promise of Bitcoin as a sustainable, decentralized network of transactions,” CEO of the project Ramak J. Sedigh remarked regarding the press release.

“We are very pleased to offer people the opportunity to participate in the growing Bitcoin blockchain economy without having to purchase the mining equipment themselves.”

A small increase in the price of Bitcoin resulted in the rally for small-scale mining businesses, in both mining profitability and decentralization, since they can tap into the market without making extensive Major crypto mining company Plouton Mining – located in California, USA – will reportedly be establishing the biggest bitcoin mining farm that runs on solar energy in North America.

Plouton – a subordinate company of the Plouton Group Holding – revealed that the new plant, which will be built in the Western Mojave region – will have solar generators all across a 49-acre piece of land, producing 10-13 megawatts of electricity on a daily basis. 

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