Binance Added Visa Credit And Debit Card to Its List Of Crypto Payment Options

By Warren Hayes | December 28, 2019

Malta-based crypto exchange Binance has reportedly added Visa credit and debit cards to the list of payment options available to purchase cryptocurrencies

Specifically, on December 26, the firm announced that all Binance users can now link their Binance accounts to the Visa cards, available in the European Economic Area, and buy 4 different types of digital coins with this payment option. 

The 4 cryptocurrencies available for purchasing via a Visa card includes Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), XRP and Binance’s native token Binance Coin (BNB), using the fiat currencies of euros or British pounds.

Binance is looking to also introduces facilitating features for Mastercard, as well as other currencies, in the future. The firm also sets to expand its reach beyond the jurisdictional area of the European Economic Area.

Binance has initiated a few attempts to facilitate crypto purchases using credit and debit cards in the past. In September this year, it officially revealed that Visa and Mastercard have been added to the list of payment options, for purchasing 5 digital coins, Bitcoin and ETH included, through the payments processing firm Koinal, with a 2.5% process fee. 

Koinal, at that moment, does not have support for numerous key jurisdictions, nominally the United States, Russia and mainland China.

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