Binance Charity Runs Crypto Donation Campaign, Supporting Hurricane Dorian Victims

By Robin Wong | September 9, 2019

Supporting US citizens who affected by Hurricane Dorian, the charity arm of Binance exchange Binance Charity has recently announced its crypto charity campaign. 

Specifically, Binance Charity ran a campaign in which users can donate cryptocurrency to supply hurricane victims with food and aid through local organizations.

Reported by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, there are nearly 13,000 homes in the Bahamas area have been damaged or destroyed, while 400,000 people in need of food and other direct aid after the hurricane.

According to Binance Charity, the donations and eventual disbursements will be recorded on a blockchain, making the process more transparent. In addition to asking the blockchain and crypto communities for donations, Binance Charity has also asked for recommendations on how to make disbursing aid faster and more effective. 

Per the announcement, all donation transactions will be recorded on a blockchain for transparency. Besides calling other blockchain and crypto communities to donate, Binance Charity also seeks for suggestions on utilizing disbursing aid speed and efficiency.

According to the campaign main site, donations in Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB) and XRP will be transferred to the Hurricane Relief Project. At the announcement time, 14 donations have made for a total of $5,852.90 (0.558 BTC). The fund is yet to be distributed.

Cryptocurrency is being used as a form of donation for social good. Recently, Cédric O, France’s Minister of State for the Digital Sector, has reportedly stated that cryptocurrency platforms are welcome to cooperate with the government to enable crypto donations for the reconstruction of the Notre Dame cathedral.

Earlier, UNICEF France has announced that they accept donations in DAI tokens, making it a total of 10 cryptocurrencies that UNICEF accept through donations.

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