Binance Introduces Support For Russian Ruble-Crypto Trading Pair

By Shannon Wilson | November 2, 2019

Binance – the Malta-headquartered, high profile crypto exchange firm – will be rolling out facilitation feature for fiat trading, beginning with the Russian ruble.

As publicly revealed by Changpeng Zhao – a.k.a CZ and head of Binance – during the “Open Innovations Forum”, hosted by the Russian authorities on October 21, transactional support for the official digital coin of Russia will be added to the current Binance platform, making it possible for Russia-based clients to carry out Russia ruble-enabled cryptocurrency transactions.

“In about two weeks or so, we should have support for Russian rubles trading directly. So you can buy cryptocurrencies on Binance.com using rubles.” CZ explained in details via a clip posted on Twitter. 

The announcement has appeared despite crypto-related regulatory guidance has yet to be fully established by the Russian government, as it has not been able to finalize the final version of the crypto law – “On Digital Financial Assets”.

Although Binance has publicly announced the arrival of the new ruble-fiat trading pair, specific information or reason for the choosing ruble to become the first trading pair is yet to be disclosed by the crypto firm. 

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