Binance Set Up Bus Stop Promotion For Bitcoin Prior to UK Rollout

By Tracy Hannes | September 1, 2020

Binance – one of the leading crypto exchange platforms globally – has reportedly pushed out promotions for Bitcoin across London to target local people using public transportations. 

Specifically, as revealed via the Twitter of Binance.UK on August 28th, the crypto exchange heavyweight has set up new promotional banners at 17 bus stops in London. 

The ad will reportedly include two previous generations of coins, along with a current two-pound coin used in the U.K, with the Bitcoin currency, biggest, at the end. 

“Money is evolving. It’s time to adapt.” The promotion reportedly reads. 

Binance reportedly disclosed initiatives regarding its plan to set foot into the U.K. market back in June this year, with an exchange platform, fully regulated, to be released in fall. 

It is purportedly compulsory for the exchange to finalize its registration with the nation’s Financial Conduct Authority, as well as stay in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer practices and standards.

Prior to the release, Binance’s British division has reportedly not set limitations regarding advertising yet. The crypto exchange has recently revealed its initiative to be a part of the self-regulating industry association CryptoUK as an executive member.

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