Binance US Calls For Beta Testing Of Its Android-based Crypto Trading App

By Emily Rys | December 26, 2019

Binance US – The American arm of major Malta-headquartered crypto exchange Binance – has launched a beta testing phase for its app, based on Android.

Specifically revealed on December 25, Binance US has highly recommended the general audience to take part in the beta test, for its newly rolled out Android-based app for crypto trading. 

Via this testing phase and the feedback from users, Binance US expected to zero in on any potential problems, and come up with appropriate solutions before pushing the app out to a more public demographic. 

The launch for Android beta testing took place right after the one for iOS was announced, previously on December 28. Beta testers will be required to use the app within a predetermined time-frame, set by Binance US, and need to report any issues or bugs may occur, and provide their final reviews of the app. 

Based on these features, the Binance US team would come to the final decision whether the app could be widely rolled out or not. 

Recently, Binance US has been putting in efforts to widen its services reach in the crypto industry. In November this year, the firm has provided offerings to any of its clients, who made crypto purchases using the debit card-enabled method, joining the existing U.S. dollar on-ramp and off-ramps, including the automated clearing house and bank wire.

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