Binance’s Trust Wallet Rolled Out Desktop Version for MacOS

By Warren Hayes | August 13, 2019

Trust Wallet – a crypto wallet acquired by the Malta-based, top-tier crypto exchange Binance – has rolled out a desktop version for the MacOS platform.

The announcement was disclosed by the team in charge of building Trust Wallet via a Twitter post on August 12. They further notified that customers can download the wallet from the Mac App Store not long after.

Viktor Radchenko – the head of Trust Wallet – revealed via a number of Twitter post, that the support for Linux will be introduced the following week. Radchenko added that the biggest obstacle challenging the team, is how to bring Trust Wallet to Windows, which has not been completed despite extensive efforts. Radchenko stated that a majority of desktop users (75%) prefer Windows.

The development was rolled out not long after Binance introduced support for numerous decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to Trust Wallet, by incorporating the Kyber Network protocol – a platform specifically designed to facilitate cross-token trading.

Binance has owned Trust Wallet since August last year. At the time, Binance claimed that Trust Wallet will still be an autonomous entity in the large part of its operations, and Binance will offer support mainly for administration and marketing development. 

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