Bison Trails Providing Key Infrastructure for Crypto.com’s Payments Blockchain Via New Partnership

By Katelyn James | April 3, 2021
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Blockchain infrastructure provider Bison Trails has reportedly disclosed details of a significant industry collaboration with Crypto.com – a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange planning to bring familiar transactional use cases to the crypto markets. 

Specifically, Bison Trails is reportedly equipping Crypto.org – a public, open-source payment blockchain tool designed by Crypto.com – with key infrastructure. 

As covered in the scope of the mainnet release, Bison Trails will reportedly offer reliable validator node infrastructure, with a goal to help validation and governance participation reach optimal performance. 

Regarding technical-related details, Bison Trails will be rolling out participate clusters, query & transact clusters and seed nodes to facilitate the mainnet release. 

Bison’s participate clusters are reportedly made up of two components to streamline security – private network-based validator nodes, as well as  sensory nodes that interface between the validators and public blockchain.

“This is a pivotal moment in our company that brings us closer to our vision of making crypto assets and transactions accessible to everyone.” Kris Marszalek – Head of Crypto.com – referred to Bison Trails as an “invaluable partner” in the release of the Crypto.org Chain. 

The Crypto.org Chain beta run reportedly finalized a total number of 275 million transactions. The Crypto.org Chain will firstly receive the support of Crypto.com Pay – a cashback payment tool. 

Previously, Crypto.com has reportedly been onboarded as a principal member of the Australia-based Visa network – a development that is in line with the firm’s efforts to widen the scope of its crypto credit card services.

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