Bison Trails Rolled Out QT Protocol to Assist Libra-based Designing for Developers

By Shannon Wilson | November 28, 2020

Blockchain tech and stacking service firm Bison Trail has reportedly disclosed details of the release for its Query and Transactions Clusters (QT) protocol, for assisting developers to design on Facebook’s stablecoin project Libra

Specifically, Libra QT reportedly looks to establish a bridge between Libra’s pre-mainnet and off-chain systems, enabling dedicated off-chain infrastructure for blockchain-based data reading and writing. 

As per details revealed by Bison Trails, Libra QT reportedly comes with a “fully-managed, dedicated, and highly resilient Libra read/write nodes”, as well as facilitating networks that can function with no involvement of an in-house approach, limiting associated troubles and costs. 

“Libra QT is a core part of our product offering for the Libra ecosystem. It allows people building on top of Libra to securely and easily integrate their exchanges and wallets, and build new and exciting applications.” Bison Trails’ co-founder and CTO, Aaron Henshaw, reportedly remarked. 

Bison Trails’ Libra QT can reportedly be utilized by developers to design a wide range of applications, including wallets, exchanges, as well as different virtual asset services on Libra’s pre-mainnet. Bison Trails is one of the founding entities of the Libra Association. 

Libra QT reportedly also comes with facilitating features for payment processing, transaction validations and specialized use cases, such as smart contract authoring and market-making.

Since the barriers in regulations causing troubles last year, the Libra Association has reportedly shone away from media attention to redesign the project, attracting little attention, following its appointment of former HSBC, Credit Suisse and Santander executive Ian Jenkins as its chief financial officer and chief risk officer In October 2020.

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