Bitcoin.com is Launching a New Exchange in September

By Emily Rys | August 5, 2019

Bitcoin.com will be launching its new cryptocurrency exchange called Exchange.Bitcoin.com in September this year.

According to its press release, multiple services such as crypto casino, a wallet, and a P2P bitcoin cash exchange will be provided. The exchange will offer a user-friendly interface to help users navigate easily, with a strong matching engine to boost its trading speed.

“We’re always working to make Bitcoin Cash and other digital assets more accessible to everyone. Back in June, we released Local.Bitcoin.com where you can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash specifically. Now, with The Bitcoin.com Exchange, you can diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio, too” said Bitcoin.com Executive Chairman Roger Ver.

Some of the most popular digital currencies will be supported on the exchange include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Core (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

“While our company thinks the bitcoin cash network will be adopted by the masses worldwide, we also think it’s important to promote free markets and choice,” the company said in a statement.

Opened up about upcoming movements, Roger Ver stated:

“We’re on the cusp of something very exciting with SLP tokens — It’s the beginning of a world where we can tokenize anything and, as people realize the potential this holds, they’re going to start demanding a place to trade their tokens.”

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