Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. Launches First Bitcoin Gift Card in the United States

February 22, 2019
Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. Launches First Bitcoin Gift Card in the United States

ALLENTOWN, Pa.Feb. 21, 2019 — Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. has partnered with Chain Bytes, Inc. and Savvy to launch its new Bitcoin Gift Card™ that is readily available for purchase in the United States. This latest innovative software development for Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. makes it possible for consumers to buy a Bitcoin Gift Card™ by visiting www.mybitcards.com. Gift cards can be purchased from digital retailers, as well as brick and mortar stores in the very near future.

While more than 80 percent of consumers know of Bitcoin, less than 7% have purchased bitcoin. This is mainly due to bitcoin being difficult to buy and confusing. It’s projected that this latest advancement in Bitcoin technology will create a simple gateway for consumers to buy Bitcoin, by accessing the new Bitcoin Gift Card™.

“Connecting your bank account to an unknown exchange to buy Bitcoin can be frightening and risky,” said Ed Gieske, CEO of Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. “Gift cards are a well-known access point for the average consumer and can make buying Bitcoin simple and painless. We are excited to work with Chain Bytes Inc. and Savvy to launch our gift cards and bring easy Bitcoin access to more consumers and investors in the U.S., U.K. and Europe.”

Mybitcards.com™ has integrated with Savvy, based in Ireland, who acts as a gift card, rewards, and promotions processor. The Mybitcards.com™ integration with Savvy provides the Bitcoin Gift Card™ with distribution rails and access to most all major gift card programs throughout the U.S., U.K., and Europe.

“This partnership demonstrates the changing times where traditional distribution methods are being utilized to indoctrinate non-technical users of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to bring Bitcoin to mainstream adoption,” said Eric Grill, CEO of Chain Bytes, Inc. “We are thrilled to be a part of this journey through our partnership with Bitcoin Solutions, Inc.”

“We are delighted to support the Bitcoin Gift Card™ to add to our growing list of US customers” comments Eoin Whyte, Sales Director of Savvy. “We are looking forward to seeing the growth of the product across the US and Internationally.”

Consumers are able to purchase and use the new Bitcoin Gift Card™ by going to www.mybitcards.com. It’s expected that this innovative development of the Bitcoin Gift Card™ will inspire an increasing number of people to purchase Bitcoin and allow them to easily participate in the digital market.


Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. / Mybitcards.com

Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. / Mybitcards.com™ is a technology company focused on making Bitcoin as easy to purchase as any gift card. We believe emerging blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will become integrated with our daily lives and will fundamentally impact the financial services market. It is our goal to become the most accessible access point for the average consumer to purchase Bitcoin and other currencies.

Chain Bytes, Inc.

Chain Bytes offers solutions for companies looking for Blockchain software development services, including integration of Blockchain technology with existing enterprise infrastructure, creating complex smart contracts and tokenizing assets, and first-of-a-kind, start-to-finish development and execution solutions of Blockchain ideas.


Savvy connects platforms with distribution channels and business processes for gift cards, rewards and promotions; allowing you to release the value of your customer and business relationships and mitigate your technology risk. With over 400 active programs Savvy are trusted by our clients, partners and throughout our industry.

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