Bitcoin SV-powered Released Support to Make P2P Payment More Efficient

By Katelyn James | April 9, 2020

Twetch – the Bitcoin SV-based social media network – has reportedly released an update, particularly designed to help peer-to-peer (P2P) payments achieve greater efficiency. 

Specifically, Twetch – a social media app with similarities to Twitter, which requires micropayments to be made to interact with the platform – has added a supporting feature, enabling BSV transfer among its users. 

This activity include the steps of filling in the command-line ‘/pay’, a user’s tag and the dollar value equivalent of the desired sum needs to be sent into the app. 

The payments on Twetch will reportedly be on-chain, consequently allows for all transactions conducted to be verified in a public manner. User can tag each other on the platform, which will help generate $0.001 in the form of crypto

Apart from the payment upgrade for its platform, Twetch further finalized the implementation process of the ’read API’, to software development kit (SDK) on github. This grants developers the power to build customized Twetch clients, which can filter content accordingly to chosen topics. 

Twetch stated that all data and content on the platform is reportedly placed complete in its clients’ hands, via writing it to the Bitcoin SV platform. 

“[The platform] is an interface to publish and view information on Bitcoin [SV]”, as remarked by Josh Petty – founder and current head of Twetch.

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