Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Now Allows Transfers Without Invoice

By Warren Hayes | January 18, 2019
Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Now Allows Transfers without Invoice

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) has released its newest iteration, known as Sphinx, which allows instant cryptocurrency transfers without the need for invoices.

Although Bitcoinist quoted its developers as saying Sphinx is still a “work in progress”, it is already publicly available for anyone to use.   

LN was created as a working solution to Bitcoin’s scalability problem and to improve its transaction handling rate. It made its first debut on Bitcoin and Litecoin networks allowing users to send tokens instantly at very low fees averaging less than 1 US cent.

Author Olaoluwa Osuntokun believes Sphinx “allows users to start exploring a new set of use cases” by giving more room for “spontaneous” activities. This could also encourage more users to look past LN’s rather technical nature that has been known to dissuade more novice users from trying it.

Bitcoinist noted that commentators have touted Sphinx as being LN’s “best feature” so far which drew them to using it.

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