Bitfinex Released Open-Source Crypto-Powered Streaming Protocol

By Jenny Aurora | June 27, 2020
Bitfinex Released Open-Source Crypto-Powered Streaming Protocol

Major crypto exchange platform Bitfinex has reportedly rolled out a P2P data streaming platform, which enables media sharing throughout a decentralized network. 

Specifically, Bitfinex has reportedly finished the uploading process of the code for its crypto-based “Dazaar” protocol, with details showing a decentralized network, in which distributed node operators kept the data shared among users. 

Bitfinex reportedly disclosed that the gradual surge in reliance on centralized platforms, nominally search engines, social media, and messaging apps, for executing data and media sharing has reportedly led to the establishment of the platform. 

The crypto-powered Dazaar platform has reportedly been designed as a project extended from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-licensed Hypercore Protocol – a “distributed append-only log” reportedly possessed distinctive characteristics, such as making up a “lightweight blockchain crossed with BitTorrent.”

A cryptographic identifier, or “Dazaar Card”, will reportedly be employed as a means for connection for buyers and sellers, adding crypto assets or credit cards to the list of accepted payment options for buying streams. 

The protocol reportedly also comes with a live-streaming desktop application, which offers subscriptions and broadcasts management.

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