Bitkraft VC Rolled Out $75M investment fund Dedicated to Blockchain Gaming

By Robin Wong | October 9, 2021
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Esports, gaming, and interactive media investment platform Bitkraft VC has reportedly rolled out a $75-million token fund, dedicated to blockchain gaming and digital entertainment investment. 

Specifically, the fund reportedly employs a “stage-agnostic” strategy, where it will allocate funds to firms and startups at any business development stage. Besides equity investment, the token fund will further make investments in crypto and NFTs

So as to make regulated investment opportunities available, Bitkraft reportedly managed to obtain an investment advisor registration from the US SEC in June this year. 

Piers Kicks – a founding partner in the investment division of crypto research entity Delphi Digital – will reportedly be in charge of the new token fund. Kicks became a member of Bitkraft in early 2021, to oversee the firm’s investment attempts in crypto and NFTs.

Bitkraft reportedly shared that the fund has successfully finalized six investments, including initiatives like Yield Guild Games (YGG), Immutable, Alethea AI, and Horizon Games, with Both YGG and Alethea being direct token investments. 

“We were only able to announce the funding after final closing but have been actively deploying from it” Kicks further remarked. 

While the fund has primarily made investments in startups building on the Ethereum blockchain, it employs a chain-agnostic approach and runs assessments on every initiative in a case-by-case manner. 

“We are beginning to see some exciting activity on Solana and will be closely monitoring early gaming projects in that ecosystem”.

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