BitMEX Rolled Out Corporate Services for Its Customers

By Warren Hayes | June 29, 2020
BitMEX Rolled Out Corporate Services for Its Customers

Crypto exchange platform from Hong Kong BitMEX is reportedly going to release a new project focusing on its corporate customers, including enhanced security service, and accounting.

Specifically, the firm is releasing the project via its corporate-focused division – BitMEX Corporate. Whichever account that are reportedly not run by an individual will be able to confirm that their BitMEX holdings has a legal status of a corporation. 

BitMEX reportedly revealed that the new update was developed in response to customers that look for “different ownership structures for their accounts”, the tool for gaining access to and handle accounts, as well as security requirements. 

Nonetheless, the firm also reportedly disclosed that added features, nominally multi-user login and instant transfers between accounts would be rolled out in late 2020. 

Despite the current status of one of the biggest derivatives exchanges across the globe, numerous individuals within the crypto sphere are reportedly losing confidence in it. 

Specifically, during the crypto bloodbath, where the platform has reportedly not been online for nearly half an hour (25 minutes), a lot of customers have reportedly not bought the reason generated from the platform – “a hardware issue with [its] cloud service provider”. 

On top of that, the derivatives heavyweight is reportedly dealing with a lawsuit where its executives are facing racketeering, money laundering, wire fraud, and unlicensed money transmissions accusations.

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