BitPay-enabled Crypto Contributions Are Officially Available, Per House Republicans

By Chris Torres | June 18, 2021

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) reportedly disclosed that crypto has been added to the list of viable methods for accepting donations. 

Specifically, the initiative is reportedly included in a larger attempt for the House retake, as well as putting an end to Democrats’ effort to continue their policy agenda, with chairman Tom Emmerson sharing the entity takes pride in its pioneering position, regarding crypto campaign contribution acceptance. 

“We are focused on pursuing every avenue possible to further our mission of stopping Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda and retaking the House majority, and this innovative technology will help provide Republicans the resources we need to succeed.”

The GOP has reportedly selected BitPay – a high-profile digital payment processor – to assist in the acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto-enabled payments. Immediate liquidations for digital coins received through Bitpay are available for dollars. 

Despite increasing backing for crypto from numerous Republican lawmakers, nominally Cynthia Lummis and Kevin McCarthy, the party’s recent history has suggested a rather hostile stance towards the sector. 

Libertarian Rand Paul, a senator from Kentucky, has reportedly also made Bitcoin payments available since 2015. 

A new task force focusing on crypto has reportedly been established by Democrats. Rep. Maxine Waters, who serves as chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, revealed that the group will “engage with regulators and experts to do a deep dive on this poorly understood and minimally regulated industry.”

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