BitPay Enabled Merchant Payment From All Bitcoin Wallets to Boost Adoption

By Chris Torres | February 5, 2020

BitPay – Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto payment services firm – reportedly disclosed that Bitcoin wallet or exchange will be added to the payment options for invoices. 

Revealed by Stephen Pair – head of BitPay – feedbacks from merchants is the primary reason that led to the initiative of Bitcoin wallet-enabled merchant payments. 

“BitPay’s customers want to support all the Bitcoin wallets, just like they want to support all cryptocurrencies for payments. The company has decided to re-enable support for all wallets, which is referred to as plain vanilla peer-to-peer transactions.”

Pair has also talked about a previously set plan to introduce provide support for all Bitcoin wallets has been initiated. When the implementation process if complete, merchants will have the freedom to choose which wallets they’d prefer having their payments transferred to, and buyers can freely select any wallets to conduct transactions with those merchants. 

“We are going to automate the whole process for merchants, since we already have experience doing this already. It’s very important for merchants to support all Bitcoin wallets, as this will greatly expand their potential to grow sales and acquire new customers.” Pair shared how merchants can utilize the P2P transactions with zero technical development or implementation.

With the upcoming facilitation for all Bitcoin wallets, Pair also updated that the JSON payment protocol will still have its place in the current platform. The protocol was integrated in February 2 years ago, in an effort to resolve customer support problems, bringing down error rates to almost nothing.

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