Bitstamp Onboarded Gemini Director to be Its New CEO

By Emily Rys | October 24, 2020

Bitstamp – a name among the longest-running crypto exchange platforms across the globe – is reportedly onboarding a new individual to be its CEO. 

Specifically, Nejc Kodrič – co-founder and head of Bitstamp since 2011 – reportedly resigned from his role to take up a new advisory position on the firm’s board of directors. 

Julian Sawyer – who at the moment is working as a managing director for the UK and Europe area at crypto exchange heavyweight Gemini – will reportedly take up Kodrič’s place, serving as the second CEO since the firm’s establishment. 

The change in the CEO position reportedly signals a response from Bitstamp, regarding the rapid development throughout the past 9 years of the exchange. 

Kodrič reportedly remarked that Bitstamp’s growth has exceeded the vision he set out for it initially, upon its establishment many years before. During that time, trading value for Bitcoin was just a few cents, where Kodrič was able to finalize the set-up of his firm in a garage with a 1,000 euros budget, two laptops and a server. At the moment, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $12,783, and Bitstamp reportedly ranks among the heavyweights of the crypto exchange sector. 

“After much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that Bitstamp has already grown beyond what I envisioned it would become and it is time for someone else to expand this vision further. […] Although we’ve grown exponentially, it still feels like Bitstamp is just getting started.”

Sawyer has reportedly been working in the banking and fintech sector for 2 decades, co-founded Starling Bank 5 years ago and took up the COO role until 2019.

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