BlackRock Is On the Hunt For A Blockchain VP With Crypto Expertise

By Tracy Hannes | January 8, 2021

BlackRock Financial Management Inc is reportedly looking to further its footsteps throughout the blockchain and crypto assets sector, with a new seasonal hiring. 

Specifically, the asset managing entity with value equivalent to $7.8 trillion is reportedly on the hunt for a new vice president, blockchain lead for its New York branch. 

The individual suitable for the vacancy will reportedly be in charge of designing and implementing “strategies designed to drive demand for the firm’s offerings”, together with “enhancing the value proposition […] of the firm’s investments and technology offerings.”

The applicant reportedly needs to possess the minimum of 1 year of experience in blockchain business, including “cryptographic hash functions, distributed network consensus mechanisms, and public-private key cryptography.”

Despite the job description not providing any details regarding any products associated with blockchain, which are being built at the company, there reportedly is a possibility that BlackRock is gearing towards the direction of satisfying growing institutional demand for digital assets.

As disclosed by Forbes in the beginning of 2020, there are reports showing that investors are reportedly moving from BlackRock’s long-term investment solutions, for crypto funds provided by Grayscale and others. This is reportedly included in the institutional pivot towards Bitcoin and other crypto assets being carried out at the moment.

Rick Rieder, BlackRock’s CIO of fixed income, reportedly remarked that Bitcoin did not only just come to exist, it will “take the place of gold to a large extent.”

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