Block Live Asia 2019: Lose Yourself in the Innovative Blockchain Festival

By Robin Wong | April 7, 2019
Block Live Asia 2019: Lose Yourself in the Innovative Blockchain Festival

Blockchain Festival – Debuts in Singapore

One of the most worth-watching blockchain events in 2019, Block Live Asia, will debut this month in Singapore. Block Live Asia is the world’s first part conference, part experiential blockchain festival, bringing together numerous renowned industry leaders including DASH, bitcoin.com, Digifinex, BlockON Group and more. The 2-day event will be held in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Hall A on April 18 and 19, 2019.

The festival activities vary from panel discussions, live entertainment, keynote speeches, creative installations, experiential zones and retail booths. Attendees can sharpen their knowledge of blockchain technology through conferences, especially how blockchain can impact human lives and businesses, as well as experience real-life blockchain products in the festival.

Greet the Giants – Free Tickets

Block Live Asia removes entry barriers by issuing free entry tickets for those who register online before April 15, 2019. The message of Block Live Asia is simple: Blockchain is for everyone regardless of their knowledge and occupation background. The festival will promote public acknowledgement and interest of blockchain and therefore, boosting the real world usage of blockchain in the future.

Some of the biggest change-makers of the blockchain industry, as well as key traditional players, are united at the festival such as Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com, Chia Hock Lai, President of Singapore Fintech Association, Stephen Browne, Co-founder of Crypto IB and more. Various topics will be covered and shared, including: personal data security and e-commerce, future of work & employment, blockchain scalability and more.

Those who are not ready to learn about blockchain can enjoy an augmented reality art exhibition curated by Russian group Art of Blockchain, take Instagram-worthy photos at several installation zones, play interactive games or shop at the retail zone.

Other Highlights:

  • #RealTalks

Blockchain, to be explained. Sharpen your blockchain knowledge by raising questions and getting to constructive discussions about blockchain technology. Discover the impact of blockchain on human daily lives and businesses activities.

  • Facing the F/Ups

Lessons, to be told. The failure stories of industry experts will be brought to light. Painful yet valuable experience from the biggest names will bring fruitful lessons to the audience. It’s #Foodforthought time.

  • Crypto Experience Zone

Products, to be experienced. Entering blockchain innovation zone and creating a wallet, buying tokens, or trading on an exchange and more. The interactive zone will walk all blockchain newbies through their own crypto journey.

  • RAISE Pitching Competition

Ideas, to be shared. A pitching competition called RAISE will trigger creative environment with technology ideas from participating teams. Each team with have 5+5 minutes to pitch their technology to a panel of investors. The winner will be rewarded with money as well as incubation and mentorship chances with a Silicon Valley-based Incubator Founders Space.

Date and Time:

19 & 20 April 2019, from 10AM to 6PM


Marina Bay Sands, Convention Centre, Hall A

Further information can be found at Block Live Asia official website: https://blocklive.asia/

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