Block.One Introduced Update Version of Blockchain Software EOS.io

By Chris Torres | January 14, 2020

Block.One – the company specialised in designing blockchain softwares – has reportedly introduced its new update – EOS.io 2.0 – the software that helps operate the EOS blockchain. 

As revealed via a Twitter post on January 10th, Block.One stated that the new version will bring an enhanced speed, simplicity and an improved level of security to the network. 

Specifically, the updated version comes with WebAssembly (WASM) engine, built for a particular purpose, which helps operates the EOS smart contracts

This development is believed to amp up the execution process of smart contracts, with a 16-fold speed, in particular, compared to the previously employed engine for the existing version. 

The updated version also has a built-in WebAuthn support feature – a web authentication protocol built on the concept of public key cryptography. 

“With this release of WebAuthn support for EOSIO, developers can begin testing transaction signing with WebAuthn in their EOSIO applications.” The post explained the way EOS engineers can make use of the protocol. 

Block.One further notified the employment of multithreading support, in an attempt to enhance the network code of the blockchain, which ultimately results in an improved performance of block propagation, transaction processing, block and transaction packing and unpacking, along with other processes.

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