BlockApps Rolled Out Ether-powered Agritech Network for Crop Tracking

By Chris Torres | December 10, 2020
Release Blockchain Platform Looks to Transform Agriculture & Fishing Sectors

Blockchain solutions provider BlockApps has reportedly rolled out a blockchain-powered tracking network – goes by the name “TraceHarvest” – for agricultural crops. 

Specifically, the new Ether-powered network was reportedly designed to run tracking for the life cycle of agricultural goods. The top-tier heavyweight in the pharmaceutical sector – Bayer – has become one of the earliest entities to utilize the solution. 

TraceHarvest reportedly equips its clients with the power to track the life cycle of agricultural goods, starting from the origins of seeds, all the way to deciding the duties of the entities associated with the supply chain. 

The platform additionally offers clients with data in a real-time manner, ideally making issues related to the manual work involved in tracking crops less severe. 

TraceHarvest can reportedly be utilized by all parties involved in the supply chain, nominally farmers, dealers, manufacturers, distributors, and technology providers, and further looks to establish a gateway into the market for farmers, as well as generate more profit. 

Apart from crop tracing, the platform can reportedly be utilized to help with  environmental and consumer protection, such as carbon offset credits and food safety recalls. 

“Blockchain technology is already revolutionizing the agricultural industry and, thanks to our partnership with Bayer, we are pioneers in this area. Together we have succeeded in making this concept a reality. ” BlockApps President and CEO, Kieren James-Lubin, reportedly remarked regarding the release of the network.

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