Blockchain-based App to Simplify Safe Travelling Amid Global Health Crisis

By Chris Torres | October 2, 2020
thecryptosight-Blockchain-based App to Simplify Safe Travelling Amid Global Health Crisis

A new app developed as a viable solution for simplifying travelling in the global health crisis has reportedly been rolled out. 

Specifically, the app – dubbed ICC AOKpass – reportedly enables immediate verification of traveller’s COVID-19 status. 

“[ICC AOKpass] uses a common global standard that can be deployed and used anywhere in the world today. It can adapt to the rules of any given country and allows users to instantly verify their COVID-19 compliance status anytime, anywhere.” Dorjee Sun – head of blockchain company Perlin, reportedly revealed. 

A few firms have reportedly run testing for the ICC AOKpass, including Energy Drilling company from Singapore and International SOS. A few crew members have reportedly been chosen from the companies to en-route to an oil drilling platform, for taking a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for COVID, with the medical results stored on the app.

The clients have reportedly then received the test result, and provided support to get through the Thailand airport.

Juliana Gim, managing director of International SOS Singapore, reportedly disclosed that the successful status in the testing of ICC AOKpass provided explanations to the public audience, the way to get back to safe travelling, amid the ongoing global health crisis. 

“The successful pilot of ICC AOKpass with Energy Drilling is encouraging as it marks an important step in our journey and the aim of implementing a trusted and standardised global system to facilitate the return to work across many industries. In time, we hope that this will see widespread adoption to facilitate a fast, safe and secure return to work.”

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